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Google Library

Google is being sued because of copyright wrangles centering on its Google Print online library project.

Frequent Web Site Changes Impact on Search Engine Ranking

If you are making changes only for the search engines and waiting for them to appear, you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why this or that happened when it did. There are a ton of factors you can’t control: algo changes, new competitors, changing competitors, server issues, even database issues where you may see different indexes from one day to the next in the search engines.

SEO Techniques for Top 10 Search Engine Rankings

All major engines claim to prefer Web sites with high-quality content. In addition to improving your rankings, enhancing the quality of your Web site will also help convert more visitors to SALES. Don’t fall into the trap of creating dozens of “cookie-cutter” pages that are devoid of valuable content or are lacking in aesthetics.

Importance of Backlinks and Search Engine Rank

Start by referring to your strategic keyword phrases. Let’s say you sell antiques, and to get higher search engine rankings for that product page you want to boost link popularity for your Web page regarding your keyword phrase.

Link Popularity and Search Engine Rank

More and more search engines are using link popularity as a ranking criterion. It all started with Google, and now other search engines, such as MSN, Inktomi, AltaVista, HotBot, Northern Light, and Excite, also use link popularity in their algorithms.

Strategies For High Search Engine Ranking

Over the past week, SEOs and SEMs have noted some significant changes in the search engine results delivered by Google. Google appears to be actively cleaning its listings by targeting sites using suspicious link-building techniques. A couple of well-known search engine marketing sites have vanished from Google results under keyword phrases they dominated just last week.

Maintaining High Search Engine Rankings

The unknowing webmaster thinks they’ve hit paydirt with an almost instantaneous top 20-30 listing. Then one day – POOF – their site is gone as fast as it arrived.

Search Engine Rankings and Backlinks

Attempting to manipulate Google used to be nearly impossible. However, the advent of Link programs and Link Schemes has made it possible to drive up your rankings. The more links you can generate on the net, the better off you will be (well duh).

Search Engine Optimization with Inbound Links

Google heavily relies on links when it comes to specify the ranking of a web site. In addition to the sheer number of links and their anchor texts, the patent specification shows possible ways how Google might use historical information to further specify the value of links.

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