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Managed Website Hosting
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All our managed website hosting clients receive FREE database hosting. If your website has database driven pages because you have a shopping cart, searchable catalogue of products, classified ads, or interactive pages accessed or updated by you or your clients; there are no additional fees for your “Fully Managed Website Hosting”. In fact, if your website was not designed by ImageBuilders, and doesn’t already include a database driven customer contact form; we will include one in your website, on the house. Virtually every business website is enhanced by a database driven email system. When a customer contacts you by email, a database is created, including his question or interest and email address; automatically capturing vital customer information that otherwise would be lost. This database quickly provides you with a customer list for future email promotions or contact, a powerful marketing tool.

ImageBuilders includes a Custom Blog, tailored to your business, with every web site we design. If your website was not designed by ImageBuilders, and doesn’t already have a Custom Blog; we will include one in your website, complimentary. Whether you have an online store, real estate agency, are an attorney, health professional, fishing guide, or any business manager; your Custom Blog is a valuable tool that can improve the success of your website.

If you don’t already have a web site, aren’t happy with your current website, or would just like to have more than one website, you may be interested in ImageBuilders’ licensed web site option. A custom Web Content Management System or licensed web site, including database, shopping cart, search engines optimization, and personalized blog, is free to all our Managed Web Hosting customers.


Basic Business Website “Fully Managed” Hosting
$50.00 per month Includes:

  • Your own domain name hosted on High Speed Cloud Cluster Servers *new for 2013
  • Advanced traffic analysis software Google Friendly Google Analytics *new for 2013
  • Monthly Search Engine Ranking Report
  • Monthly Search Engine Submission
  • SEO blog
  • We host your website or Free Licensed Website or Content Management Website
  • Database Hosting
  • eCommerce Shopping cart Hosting
  • 24/7 Web site management, security monitoring
  • Daily Data Backup
  • Include 1GB of web/ftp space *new for 2013
  • Unlimited secure e-mail *new for 2013
  • Online database collection of customer feedback inquiries
  • Online database collection of customer orders (non-secure)
  • Online inventory database with browser administration console
  • Automatic emailing to feedback and order database customers
  • Custom database reports on feedback and order online databases
  • 100GB Private Cloud Storage *new for 2013
  • UPS Battery Backup
  • FTP logging
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP Database Access
  • 5 gigabyte of transfer per month *new for 2013
  • 24 hour web server monitoring
  • Browser e-Mail access

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