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Change Nameservers at NetworkSolutions

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Support | 0 comments

Follow the below steps when you are ready to change or modify the nameservers.

  1. Log in to the Account Manager.
  2. Select Domains on the left side of the page.
Image of Left Menu in the Account Manager
  1. Select the domain name you want to change. If you only have one domain, you will be taken directly to the Domain Details page.
  2. On the domain page, go down to the Advanced Tools section.
Image of Advanced Tools in Account Manager
  1. Click Manage next to Nameservers(DNS).
  2. Enter your nameservers, then click Save.
Image of Updating Nameservers

Note: Your nameservers may be different than the above image.

You have updated your nameservers.

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