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ImageBuilders’ owner, Pat McCarty, actively participates as our lead developer and creative designer. In 1975, Pat owned a small construction business, and realized for his business to effectively compete with all the other construction companies; it was imperative to be able to accurately and instantly, with the touch of a computer key, determine every job cost. His business was small and unable to lavishly spend resources, as did the big companies, on expensive job cost and accounting software; so to remain competitive, Pat learned database and computer programming, and developed his own job cost and accounting software. Although, in 1975, the internet was already the quickest and least expensive avenue to becoming and remaining technically superior; it was far more complex to maneuver. The internet, at that time, was composed of text menus, and one navigated the internet via complicated command line code. For the next 15 years, Pat continued to immerse himself in technology, and applied his increasing knowledge, skills and expertise to his own construction business; developing technological solutions so his business thrived, in a competitive economy.

In 1990, Pat McCarty acquired ImageBuilders, Inc., a publishing company, whose principal publication was a fishing magazine, Texas SportsGuide. He became actively involved in the creative design of the magazine; and by 1995, his growing interest in technology and the internet, coupled with his awareness of the powerful marketing tool the internet was fast becoming, led him to go online with Texas SportsGuide. The internet was still in it’s infancy; consequently, it was easy to achieve a number one search engine ranking. A search for ‘texas fishing magazine’, or even exceedingly general searches, for ‘fishing magazine’, ‘bass fishing’, ‘saltwater fishing’; all returned one website, the Texas SportsGuide. In those days it was easy to have a number one search engine ranking because this magazine was the first, and for awhile, the only online fishing magazine. Today, if you search for ‘texas fishing magazine’, although search engines return an astounding 133,000 matching web pages; Texas SportsGuide remains number ONE!

The Dot-Com Boom was beginning, and small and medium size businesses were searching for a way they could affordably and effectively gain internet presence, and not be left behind by the Big companies. These business owners, unlike the large corporations, had to watch their pocketbooks, and began shopping for a designer with a proven track record. Web designers were not plentiful as they are today, so when business owners found ImageBuilders handiwork on the web, creative design and top search engine position; they began calling, asking us to design a website for them. We designed one successful website after another; word of success spread, and more clients called. ImageBuilders had launched into a new arena, web design and managed website hosting.

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